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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is not just abouttechnology and its implementation.

It’s about looking at the business strategy through the lens of technical opportunities and how that could enhance operations, reduce cost, improve quality and generate more revenue.​

So Digital Transformation is an expansive set of changes that affects business models, culture and leadership, customer experiences, new products and services and operational practices, changes that happen in parallel and aligned.​

CIO/CDO, Author of ​
“Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology”

Digital transformation is a journey

A series of business improvements enabledby technology.

Digital transformation implemented


BastaGroup is a management firmsupporting clients in that journey.

With 20+ associates, highly experienced from working at Shell, we assist with strategy and all dimensions of transformation projects with a focus on people, process and technology.​

We work with you, preferably in a multidisciplinary team, based on mutual trust, a common language, best practices and a solid experience.​

Digital Transformation touches on many business areas: activities as marketing, operations and HR, processes, business models, organization and customer centricity.


+Increase revenue:
New business models and better products

+Enhance services:
Understand product usage and add new services

+Increase engagement:
Seamless online and offline experience

+Service innovation:
Digital enhanced products with “As a Service elements”


Improve operations:
Increase insights in bottlenecks and reduce inefficiencies

Improve safety & security:
Monitoring of people and situations, provide information pro-actively

Return on marketing spent:
Digital customer journey

Connected assets:
Use monitoring and preventive maintenance


Optimize assets:
Minimize unforeseen asset downtime and prevent rework

Digital fulfillment:
Straight-through processing and automatic processing

Risk reduction:
Automated controls and risk profiling

Dimensions to consider in designing your digital strategy.

Digital transformation is about technology, but more about how technology changes the conditions how business is done and how you react to that, affecting many dimensions of your business. The company has to embrace the change to reduce cost and realize value.​

8 Dimensions of a digital strategy

  • »Sales and Customer Experience
  • »Culture and Leadership​
  • »Foresight and Vision​
  • »Partners​
  • »Data and IT​
  • »Capabilities and HR competencies​
  • »Operations​
  • »Organization​

Business improvement by digital transformation​ is challenging:rebuild the shop while continue selling”

Our managers support your journey with highest chance of success with minimum degree of risk


Our managers support your journey with highest chance of success with minimum degree of risk

  • »Reliable delivery and results in challenging situations​
  • »Supplementing insufficient internal resource capacity​
  • »Change needed in multiple aspects of the organization
  • »For a limited period of time​
  • »Hard and soft aspects in parallel​
  • »Multidisciplinary approach where needed​
  • »When specific ​expertise is needed​
  • »Fresh, outside in perspectives and ideas

Digitally qualified managers and specialists

  • Seasoned professionals with proven track record in business & IT transformation projects (Technical, ERP (SAP), HR, Retail, Finance)​
  • Broad skill sets cover the full transformation life-cycle: organizational change management,  project & program management, information & data management, innovation management, auditing, risk management,, operational management, outsourcing, offshoring, HR, finance​
  • Hands-on experience in one of the world’s larger IT outfits, typically ex-Shell​
  • Experience with working with diffuse decision making, governance and accountability, as well as several kinds of assurance (PMO, VAR, 3LoD)
  • Qualified for the large and available for smaller programs and projects

PMO: Project Management Office​

VAR: Value Assurance Review​

3LoD: 3 Lines of Defense:
  (1) Operational Management
  (2) Risk Management and Compliance Functions
  (3) Internal Audit

Our differentiating advantage

We work with you, individual or with a team, based on mutual trust, a common language, best practices and a solid experience​

We deliver strategic and functional expertise with understanding and integration of hard and soft aspects of transformation, supported by solid program management and quality assurance.​

»Industrial IoT strategies, PoC’s and implementation​
»Cyber security, based on NIST framework​
»Leadership development, Organizational design
»Talent management​
»Cultural & Organizational Change Management​
»Program & Project Management​
»Quality Assurance​
»Finance functional strategy, incl. outsourcing​
»ERP (SAP) benefits realization, simplification​
»Data management, Data analytics​

A transformation framework