Sounding Board session & Coaching

In a single morning, afternoon or evening session we will execute a thorough analysis of youropportunities and limitations in the current use and management of your Information Technology,including your Data.

You may be wondering whether your Information Technology setup is OK, and whether you aresufficiently capturing opportunities presented by all the new technology capabilities. You may not besure whether you get all the value from your data, let alone from data out there on the internet. Thiscould be the right time to set a clear strategy to improve your business success for the future.

Many questions, few answers. Your accountant will not be able to help you. And the small IT companies and website builders around the corner can’t help you either. Even the thought of an expensive large consultancy company already is enough to make you halt your thinking here.You might instead consider to request our Sounding Board & Coaching Session with an experienced IT/Business manager of the BastaGroup. We have access to a group of highly professional experienced IT/Business managers. We look back on a proud history of providing IT Management consultancy to both large multinationals and medium/small sized companies since 2004.

Discuss your IT & Data setup & approach with one of our experienced IT managers and discover how that will help you set a new direction, provide fresh ideas and unleash new energy.

We meet you at a location where we can have an extensive, uninterrupted dialogue on the possibilities (and impossibilities) of IT for your company or organisation. To make the meeting even more efficient, if would be great If you can provide us up-front with high level information about your company and your IT setup (and its challenges). It is also perfectly fine to just start with a blank sheet of paper in the sounding board meeting. We can cover many dimensions, depending on where you want to go. The session is your time, so you can grill us, ask advice, get an opinion, brainstorm strategy or practice your plan. We can discuss context, outcome, strategy, methods and support – as far and deep as you want to go.

We can have such a meeting on a 1:1 basis, but also with other managers of your organisation. We can perform strategic analyses on the spot and we can brainstorm about possible solutions and opportunities for a better deployment of IT & Data. We will give our honest opinion about the current context – deployment and setup of IT and use of your Data.

The sounding board session is available on request, for a fixed fee of 650 Euro excl. BTW.