Project Management in One Day

The essentials for managementto effectively deliver business results their organisation.


In many organisations projects regularly fail to deliver within budget and time, and do not always fully realize the expected benefits. Many executives have been confronted with projects that are more expensive and take longer than agreed and/or create serious operational issues at go live (supply chains that fail, business intelligence that is lost, etc.).Often, already at the start of a project, it is not clear whether the project is the right project at the right time to be undertaken and how we can be sure that the benefits are realized. This is due to the facts that (1) the baseline is often unclear, (2) the benefits are hard to quantify and (3) the benefits are often realized long after the corresponding project.


A full day masterclass developed from our experience in managing business projects and based on the book: “Waar is de projectmanager toch mee bezig?” We follow a pragmatic approach, addressing your specific needs.

  • Understanding your project portfolio, and prioritize projects
  • How to assure that the benefits are realized
  • How to organise projects for success
  • How to identify and manage the project risks
  • Questions to ask, do’s and don’ts for executive management
  • Examples and use cases
  • How to setup a Project Management Organisation in your company

The masterclass will discuss the whole project life cycle, from idea, via prioritization of projects and the execution of the projects to the realization of the benefits. We will focus on those areas that senior managers need to understand in order to ask the right questions to the project team.

For whom?

All (senior) business managers and directors that need or want to understand the real challenges in project management, and want to be educated to ask the right questions. Executive and non-executive boardmembers that want to understand the implications, risks and consequences, as sparringpartner for management.


A full day participative session, in-company, on how to steer projects in their organisations to ensure success and to harvest the predicted benefits.We advise on what questions to ask, do’s and don’ts, how to help, and inform on best practices for guiding projects, aligning the organisation and preparing the workforce for the successful execution of projects.


The in-company masterclasses are tailored to company specific desires.
Contact Jaap van Driel on +31(0)6 1131 3830.


Jaap van DrielExperienced PMO and Project Manager, author of the book: “Waar is de projectmanager toch mee bezig?”.  Worked for multinationals, mid-size companies as well as for start-ups.

Koos LagendijkSeasoned IT and project professional with over 30 years’ experience in leading IT Programme and Project organisations, focused on IT-enabled Business Change.


For in-company masterclasses, the required investment is €2.450.- (ex VAT).

Contact Jaap van Driel on +31(0)6 1131 3830.


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If you are unable to attend, you may send a replacement. If you want to cancel, please do so at least 2 weeks before the start of the masterclass by sending an email to Marie Louise at:

Cancellations within 2 weeks of startdate cannot be refunded.
It may be possible that masterclasses are rescheduled for practical reasons. In that situation the participant can join with priority or request cancellation with the refund of full payment.