Data Strategy in One Day

The essentials for managementto effectively create value for their organisation.


Most businesses are aware that they are under-utilizing their data assets – including ‘all that data out there’. The amount of data is growing exponentially – which may not help to get more value from the data. There is a tremendous business pull for more timely and accurate information to make decisions, and many analytics and data integration tools and approaches are being offered. Decision making can be done by humans – once-off or regular – or can be fully automated, where the impact of the decision can also be directly implemented by automation.To improve business performance by better leveraging the data assets, framing a fit-for-purpose Data Strategy is a great starting point.

Data strategy Masterclass -why?


Data Strategy Masterclass - What

In the masterclass Data Strategy we will work with you, as key leaders in your business, on how to set a fit-for-purpose business driven Data Strategy.A pragmatic seven-step approach, working from your business drivers, built on our experience, will guide the way to get more value from your data.A full day masterclass developed from our experience in driving more business value from data and information with small, medium and large (multi-national) client organisations, with a pragmatic approach, and addressing your specific needs.f

The masterclass dialogues with you, focused on your company:
  • How to improve your business performance by better leveraging the value of data.
  • Current developments in data strategies and data capabilities, the opportunities and the risks and how this is relevant for managing your company.
  • An approach in seven pragmatic step to set up your business driven data strategy, focused on your opportunities and your risks.
  • The key questions to pose as management to ensure you are in control of setting and executing your data strategy, keeping things as simple as possible.

For whom?

All (senior) business managers and directors, executives who see the strategic need to improve business performance by making better use of data and information.Executive and non-executive board members who want to understand the implications, risks and consequences of setting a pragmatic data strategy, as sparring partners for operational management.

Data strategy Masterclass -for whom


A full day participative session, in-company, on how to set a pragmatic business-driven data strategy in your organisations to ensure success.We will do a light-touch test-drive of this approach for opportunities in your organisation in this very masterclass – to get into action now. We also offer an extended full day master class, typically in-company for full focus and confidentiality, in which we will work with you to identify real, material opportunities for a data strategy for your organisation.We will have a dialogue on the key questions to to pose as management to ensure you are in control of setting and executing your data strategy, keeping things as simple as possible.

Data strategy Masterclass -how?


The in-company masterclasses are tailored to company specific desires.

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Edo ten Klooster:IT Management Consultant Applying Pareto 80/20 based on 30+ years of international IT Management experience.


For in-company masterclasses, the required investment is €2.450,- (ex VAT).


For more information or registration, click on the green button below. If you register, send your name, company name, and billing address data. You will receive a PDF invoice by e-mail, and if you pay it by return, your seat is guaranteed.

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If you are unable to attend, you may send a replacement. If you want to cancel, please do so at least 2 weeks before the start of the masterclass by sending an email to Marie Louise at:

Cancellations within 2 weeks of startdate cannot be refunded.
It may be possible that masterclasses are rescheduled for practical reasons. In that situation the participant can join with priority or request cancellation with the refund of full payment.